Every Christmas I get to perform at Tortworth. It’s a repeat gig that I get through one of my agents. Every year it proves to be a success.

Year on year we see repeat guests. They remember us from last year. I say us because normally there is more than one magician.

Its funny to think that a lady kept a folded signed playing card in her hand bag from a previous year. Just goes to show that good magic is unforgettable. A great way to remember your event.

Tortworth Hotel is a De Vere hotel. It’s a beautiful building. The perfect venue for magic. It looks a lot like Hogwarts (Harry Potter) in many ways. It has an on site arboretum and as you drive in you could even be in Jurassic Park.

It draws people from all over the south west especially at Christmas. I assume they’re avoiding the washing up as the roast is pretty good.

We perform magic before after and in between meals. It’s a great way to entertain while people are waiting and the atmosphere is great. Magic the way it should be.